Do you need a Degree to be a Web Developer in 2022?

07 February 2022

No, thanks for reading.

Joking aside, you do not need a degree to be a web developer for the majority of jobs out there. There will be a few that want a web developer / software engineer with a degree in computer science or related field but more often than not, most companies will be looking at your skills that you can showcase as part of a portfolio than a degree paper that says you attended for 3 years.

I have a degree in web development

I actually have a degree in Web Technologies but only because I had no idea what I wanted to do when leaving school/college. I originally went to University studying Multimedia as I liked using photoshop but once I discovered web development in my first year I switched degrees and never looked back. Would I do the same in hind-sight? No.

With hindsight I wouldn't have spent the time/money to get a University degree

Before going to University (2012) I never really knew web development existed, let alone it could be a career funnily enough. If I were thinking about getting into web development now there is no way I would go to University (unless I wanted to get into academia or wanted to live that student life). The takeaway I got from University was that I had a portfolio and this is what helped me land a job straight out of University and not a degree certificate saying I attended for 3 years. My advice to you reading this and my previous self would be to either self teach and build a portfolio or go to a bootcamp and build a portfolio.

Self teach + build portfolio

If you don't really have the money or time to attend a bootcamp then self teaching is a great way to get into web development. You will need to be self motivated, disciplined and ready to work hard as this isn't the easiest approach. To be able to land a job I would recommend you need to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (also an understanding of frameworks like React or Vue.js). Don’t try and fast track/skip this part, it is so crucial to really understand what is going on and why as it will help interview better and lead to faster growth in the long run. Once you understand the basics you should create your own personal website and create multiple different projects showcasing you know how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript as this will really help you land that first job.

Bootcamp + build portfolio

If you have the money or are open to financing then a bootcamp is an absolute no brainer in my opinion. Most of these bootcamps are structured to help you land your first job and often have connections to get you interviews. This is the route I would take if I knew I wanted to be a web developer today as once you complete the bootcamp you will have gained technical experience, built projects and worked within a team environment. These are super valuable skills when you're looking for your first job in web development. A bootcamp will be there to give you support so you overcome the important obstacles early on, quicker.


You do not need a degree to become a Web Developer, it can help but there are more time and cost effective ways such as self teaching or attending a bootcamp. In my opinion the best way to become a Web Developer in 2022 is to invest in a bootcamp and after 3-6 months you will be able to land your first junior developer position.

If you are looking to start a career in Web Development or are a Junior Developer looking for a mentor, feel free to reach out via socials and I will help you achieve your goals by using my experience to help guide you.